Sunday, November 1, 2009


We love Snowbird. Especially during the summer. It is so nice to escape the summer heat, and relax in the beauty of nature. It was so nice to relax there after a long three months of Justin's graduate program. It's fun to just spend time together as a family without homework coming into the equation.

We had fun at the new mining rock shifter activity that they had there for children.

The flowers were beautiful. There were fields upon fields of flowers.

We did a lot around the lodge, but we also went for a hike. We took the tram up the mountain and hiked down. It was fun, but tiring. I think it took us four hours to get down because of wrong directions from other hikers that led us to taking the longest way down. Needless to say Emma was sick of hiking in the backpack, and we were very sore. But all in all Snowbird was the rejuvenation that we needed before school starts again. Thank you Grandma and Papa for the letting us use the last bit of your week.

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  1. What gorgeous flowers! I miss Snowbird! Hopefully we'll be close enough to go next year!