Sunday, November 1, 2009

Great Grandpa's and Big Dogs

While we were heading back from selling Blue we stopped at Great Grandpa Cross'. It's so fun to see Emma with different family members. She is super gentle with her Great Grandpa Cross. I'm glad that she has had the chance to meet him. He served in the Second World war, came back and found that his wife left him and there daughter, served a mission in England while being a single father, and later met my Grandma. They then had 13 children together, but only 11 lived. He raised his family of 12 children and wife on a school teacher's salary. He has so many stories, and is a great person.

Also in the picture, is his sister Laurel. They have been taking care of each other since my Grandma died. Laurel is currently serving a mission from home doing family history, and answering church phone calls. Great lady. She also owns a big stuffed dog. Emma loved Buffy.

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