Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rainy Days

I love spring weather. And yes, I'm saying this during the month of February. I love the 50 degree weather we've been getting mixed with the occasional rainy day. The kids do too. I have decided that there are not enough parks though, and most parks (at least in Davis county) don't have swings. Who thought that its a good idea to get rid of swings? Emma and David love to swing but there are only two parks that have any swings. Most are just the big toys and jungle gyms. I remember when I was little, swings were staples at parks. Oh well, I guess its just a sign of the times. (I'm getting old!)

Had a date night with Justin for the first time in months last Friday. Our stake was combining with a few others to have a multi-stake adult dance. We got babysitters (grandma and grandpa), had clothes ready, and everything was set. Then as life goes, Justin gets home late. The kids have run me down (because they just had to be bad after being good all week). So the babysitters show up. I was halfway tempted to just tell them to watch the kids while I go to bed, but I didn't. You would think that we would then go to the dance even though it was halfway over. No. Instead we went walking (so I wouldn't fall asleep). I have to say it was just nice to talk to my husband about anything I wanted to without kids telling me I need to change the subject to something less boring. It was nice. Everyone should make time to spend one on one with their spouse.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Life in Paradise

Life just keeps plugging along. Things really couldn't be better. Justin is finishing up his internships, and will graduate in May. He's been studying for his license test that's in March, so he has some really long days (and nights). I'm so grateful for all that he does to keep our family going and moving ahead.

The kids are growing like crazy, and sometimes driving me crazy. I've been doing preschool at home for Emma (of course David wants to join in). She is such a smart cookie. She already knows her alphabet, and the sounds that the letters make. We are working on writing letters, and she just loves it. David is trying to do letters, colors, and sounds but he's had a hard time. He has had ear infections for the last 6 months. Luckily the insurance company finally approved tubes after this last ear infection. From testing done before his surgery he has lost a moderate amount of hearing in his right ear. That explains his speech delays and regressions. We are hoping and praying that it is only temporary. At least he's got his balance back, and can now run without falling over.

The biggest news lately is that we are expecting baby number three. Yep. I'm now 14 weeks and still feeling sick. At least the baby is healthy. My theory (for my body) is that you get sicker with each pregnancy because you're getting older. My poor kids have had very few outings while mom has had to be near a bathroom for the last three months. But I can't complain. Heavenly Father has preformed miracles to make this pregnancy possible. About three months ago I started having severe pelvic pain (the doubling over kind). After praying about what the problem could be the thought came "ectopic pregnancy."

I went into the doctor and found out that I really was pregnant. I had blood work and an ultrasound done. The ultrasound didn't show any baby. But the blood work said that a baby should be visible on an ultrasound. They told me I had to go to the hospital on Sunday, and they would re-run the blood work and do another ultrasound. The doctor did tell us that he was 90% sure that this pregnancy was ectopic and that they would abort the baby on Sunday. Needless to say Justin and I were dis trot. We had lost our first pregnancy to a miscarriage after years of trying. From that experience though, we learned that God has a master plan and that we need to trust Him. So we went to the Lord with this new problem, and came to a peace that we would accept what the Lord decided was the best path for this pregnancy. We both got blessings on Saturday. With the blessing I received the pain I had been feeling finally stopped.

Sunday we went to the hospital and they started running the tests. The blood work showed that the baby was growing. Then came time for the ultrasound. Out of no where there was a baby. It totally wasn't there two days before. We said a prayer of thanks, and we know that God moved the baby. So now another miracle baby is on the way. I've decided that God gives us these experiences to see if we trust Him and to help us to see if we are progressing. I'm so thankful for the my life.