Sunday, May 31, 2009

Book Party

Hey All,

I'm throwing a book party on June 6th at 7:00 pm. It will be at our home (1135 Meadow Way Drive, Layton, UT 84041). Don't feel like you need to buy anything, I'm just trying to break in the apartment and have fun. The books are way cute though. Here is the official invite.

You've been invited to an Usborne Books e-show!
Just go to: and click on my name!
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Fill your shopping cart with all of your favorite books and they will get shipped to your door in a week!
While you're shopping, make sure to enter to win $50 in FREE books from Usborne!
Don't miss these great titles! Note that these books work great for younger and older children as well.
Newborn to 1-year-old: Touchy Feely Set; Animal Hide and Seek; Baby's Very First series
2-year-old: Super Saver Combo Set 1 (including First Picture Nursery Rhymes, First Colors); There's a Mouse About the House
3-year-old: Animals baby jigsaw; Stories for Little Boys (or Little Girls); Picture Book Sets
4-year-old: Big Book of Things to Spot; Why?; Guji, Guji
5-year-old: Super Saver Combo Set 2; Easy Words to Read Set
6-year-old: Beginners Sets (internet-referenced); Fox and the Stork
7-year-old: Jack Russell: Dog Detective Series; The Team series
8-year-old: Around the World in Eighty Days, King Arthur, Robin Hood; Illustrated Animal Stories
9-year-old: Moonrunner; Illustrated Stories for Boys (or Girls); Story of Inventions
10-year-old: Wickit Chronicles; Children's Encyclopedia; Illustrated Dictionary of Math
11-year-old: Big Book of Fantasy Quests; True Adventure Collection
12-year-old and up: World Wars; Internet-Linked Reference Set; See Inside Your Body
*These books are also great for children with sensory-needs and autism! Check out our Touchy Feely 1, 2, 3 and Touchy Feely ABC or There's a Mouse About the House.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Graduation Day

Yeah!!!!! Justin Graduated!!!!!!!! Yep, on May 1st Justin walked the walk of the graduate. It was busy, and parking horrible. Luckily, everyone got there to celebrate this special day. For Emma's sake the talks weren't too terribly long, and we made it through. It was a really fun day. Thank you everyone that has helped us get to this day. We couldn't have made it without your love, support, and prayers. In two weeks Justin will be starting PT school. So don't stop praying. We will also be moving on May 9th into Emily's parents house. It's so strange the path the Lord takes us.


So, it takes us forever to blog. Easter was a lot of fun. We didn't know how Emma would like it but she began to get the concept after awhile. We had to show her the first couple of eggs but then she found them by herself. The tricky part was getting her to let go of the egg she found so she could go get another one.

For Easter Emma got her favorite snack (Graduate Puffs) and a stuffed animal lamb. She really seemed to like the lamb.

After church we went to spend the day with Nana and Papa. It was a lot of fun to see everybody, and to do another egg hunt. Emma was a pro. The best part for Justin was getting the daddy tax on all of the goodies! Thank you Nana and Papa for such a fun day.

The Saturday after Easter was the Jones/Cross family Easter party. It was also Grandma's 50th birthday party. It was a beautiful day. The egg hunt was a lot of fun. Things seem a lot more fun when you get to see the joy that someone (like your kid) is having.

So Emma didn't really like the grass the first time that she was introduced to it at Nana's, but Daddy got her over her fears.

This was an awesome Easter season!