Sunday, November 1, 2009


New things seem to be a way of life lately. In May, Justin graduated undergraduate school. The next week, we moved into my parents home to help take care of my mom. Then the next week Justin started graduate school at the U of U. :) Emma keeps changing, and learning so many new things. Learning to walk without holding on to things at 10 months isn't normal. Crawling really was much easier to chase.
June has been a good month. Justin is at school all the time. Emma and I had a chance to go to the zoo several times (since we have a pass). Our first time to the zoo was with Blaine, Eli, Aunt Jenny, Nana, and Grandma N. (I don't have pictures, but Nana does). Emma at that zoo trip seemed to like the giraffes. Our second trip was with Emma's cousins Mikayla and Natalia before they move to New Hampshire. That time she loved the monkey's and the giraffes.

We also got pictures taken this month of Emma. (11 months)

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